How To Make Your Butt Bigger

When you and your girlfriends spend the day lounging around the pool, do you get tired of being called the girl "without a butt" because of your flat derriere? Are you jealous of the woman that perfectly fills out her bikini bottom with her round, supple butt?

Would you like to know how to make your butt bigger so you are the one all the guys are watching walk down the beach?

Steve Adams, a Celebrity Trainer, is the Creator and Founder of the Bigger Better Butt Program and he can teach you to do exactly that. His Rapid Tone™ system builds and tones your muscles to achieve a bigger and tighter butt in 60 days.

Adams was constantly asked by his clients how to get a bigger butt. When he taught them how to achieve this, they told him he should write his methods down. Adams resisted as he was not a fan of eBook and DVD fitness programs. Then he begin to examine the ones that were available to the public. He was so disgusted by the erroneous information out there he decided that he should write his down and offer it to the public so they would have simple, accurate training information that was truly useful.


The goal of the Rapid Tone™ System is to help you develop the bigger, rounded butt you desire in order to achieve a more naturally proportioned body silhouette and firmer glut muscles. You can gain up to two and a half inches in size in your butt with this system if you follow the instructions exactly and perform the exercises correctly. The system scientifically balances the proper number of repetitions, movements, timing and weight to achieve the optimum results. Adams has honed the system so that you are maximizing your results with the minimum amount of effort needed to achieve them.

Customer Feedback

Jeremy P.Tampa

"I’ve honestly been shocked that these short workouts have helped me change this much!"

I never really worked out growing up, nor was I all that into sports. I’ve always been skinny/slim and it never really bothered me. As I approach 30 and single though, women at work have been trying to help me with dating. One of them stumbled on your site and bought me your eBook. I was skeptical, but committed myself to giving it a shot. A month and a half later, your workouts are now part of my daily routine. I’ve honestly been shocked that these short workouts have helped me change this much. I look more proportioned, toned and gained strength. The women at work are now using it as well! I can’t say enough good things about your program.

Brittany R. Plano, TX

"It worked fantastically for me!"

"I’m in my forties and have come to find out that men are a much more likely to be “butt” men than any other part of the body. After having my boob job, I thought I was set! Haha! Realizing that I was lacking in the butt department, I looked at my options and quickly ruled out cosmetic surgery (there are some horrifying testimonials and pics in regards to butt implants) and any kind off padded underwear or jeans. I came across your program on a Google search and thought I ‘d give it a shot. VERY impressed with the results. How do more people not know about this? It worked fantastically for me!"

What Have People With Flat Butts Traditionally Done About Their Problem?

Some people who are unsatisfied with the size of their backside have worn padded clothing in an attempt to make their butts look perkier and more rounded. This problem affects men and women alike. The problem is that this padding does not look entirely natural and is no help at all in swimwear. It also costs anywhere from $50 to $200 for padded underwear and pants, a significant drain on the budget.

Others have sought out medical practitioners who offer injections guaranteed to increase the size of your butt. Many of these do not work and some can actually be dangerous to your health. The most expensive and extreme measure of all is butt enhancement surgery. Such surgery typically costs between $5,000 and $15,000. As with any surgical procedure there are inherent risks, including post-surgical infection.

Practicing an Effective Natural Method of Increasing Butt Size

Steve Adams' program instructs you in the only four movements you need to practice to develop a bigger butt. His program provides you with 60 days of programming that tells you exactly what you need to do every day. To make sure you do the exercises correctly he includes instructional videos demonstrating everything. He also includes many motivation points and other tricks to get you started and help you follow through with the entire program.

Why Has the Rapid Tone™ System Proven to Be So Popular?

Adams has worked to make sure this program works more effectively in shaping, toning and building your butt than any other and does it in much less time than any other. Other key reasons for its popularity include:

  • Reason 1: It is easy to learn and understand, easy to perform, and easy to stick to daily.
  • Reason 2: It only requires 15 to 20 minutes per day on four days per week.
  • Reason 3: It details exactly what you should do in each and every session, complete with videos to be sure you are performing the exercises correctly.
  • Reason 4: You will begin to see results in as few as two weeks.
  • Reason 5: Your success or failure is a direct result of how closely you follow the program's instructions.
  • Reason 6: It includes exercise adaptations to fit your health level, if needed.

Summary and Conclusion

The Bigger Better Butt Program and Rapid Tone™ System is an effective, natural and non-surgical system that provides the solution for how to make your butt bigger. It is based on Adams' years of experience as a personal trainer and his knowledge of exercise programs and human muscle structure.After three years in the marketplace, the system has proven successful for many satisfied customers who offer testimony to its effectiveness for them. This system is in digital format (PDF) and may be ordered online. You may order it risk-free with a 60 day money-back guarantee.

Here’s what some of Adams customers had to say:

Ryan B. New York City

"My body is balancing out and I can actually see my butt in jeans now!"

Like a lot of guys in the gym, I end up focusing on “upper body days” and rarely did much with my lower body. After a few less than flattering comments from a girl friend of mine, I decided to try something to supplement my workouts and help me improve my lower body shape and help me actually get a butt. I stumbled on to your program and 6 weeks in I’m seeing amazing results I knew my lower body was weak, but had no idea how badly! My body is balancing out and I can actually see my butt in jeans now. Great stuff.

Theresa R. Charlotte, NC

"I’ve gained an inch and half to my butt and lost 18 lbs"

I’ve been cursed with always being a thicker girl with no butt. It’s a painfully cruel curse that has always left my body looking out of proportion. I looked at implants, padded pants, tried the gels and pills. Nothing has worked or felt right. I started your program just over 60 days ago… I’m proud to say that I’ve gained an inch and half to my butt and lost 18 lbs in that time – without modifying my diet all that much, merely following your simple nutrition rules in the bonus ebook."

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